It's sunday, probably the day I've always been hating for some sort of reason. Now when I have a full-time job, it's the day of the week when I will allow myself to just be, to do nothing. The day when I can sleep all day, just watch TV or walk around in my PJ's til its time to really go to bed... How great that might be I sometimes wish I actually would appreciate my Sundays a bit more. I'm lying in my bed as we "speak", (surprise, surpise) and wishes I where somewhere fab like perhaps New York City where my best friend is at the moment. Having brunch in a fancy restaurant, spending my money in amazing shops and enjoying the sunny weather in Central Park... Insted I'm lying here in a small, boring town in cloudy Sweden thinking about my future... Not fair! Gossip Girl might come to my rescue tonight. Anyway, here are some pictures of gougeous girls, clothes and so on.


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  1. Great picks!!! I love all of them!