It's sunday, probably the day I've always been hating for some sort of reason. Now when I have a full-time job, it's the day of the week when I will allow myself to just be, to do nothing. The day when I can sleep all day, just watch TV or walk around in my PJ's til its time to really go to bed... How great that might be I sometimes wish I actually would appreciate my Sundays a bit more. I'm lying in my bed as we "speak", (surprise, surpise) and wishes I where somewhere fab like perhaps New York City where my best friend is at the moment. Having brunch in a fancy restaurant, spending my money in amazing shops and enjoying the sunny weather in Central Park... Insted I'm lying here in a small, boring town in cloudy Sweden thinking about my future... Not fair! Gossip Girl might come to my rescue tonight. Anyway, here are some pictures of gougeous girls, clothes and so on.




So Trouville Sur Mer is now responsible for me falling in love with France... We only spend three days in that small town right next to the sea. We ate French food and I think I might have had the best pizza ever!!! Yes, food, creps, drinks, icecream - you name it! The Perssons were def pleased with the choice of stay. My sister went bananas with her camera and wanted to take pictures of everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Streetsigns, buildings, shops, restaurants, people and so the list goes on... I suddenly thought I could speak French (well, at lest try to) and my parents made funny accents.

On our way to Amsterdam, where we are at the moment (leaving to go home tomorrow though...) we stopped in Belgium for some lunch. I'm really happy that I got the chance to see a bit of that country too, where I had the best mini-macaroons. And since I got my paycheck today some money has been spend on clothes and shoes. I will show you pictures as soon as I get home of both purchases and places we've been visiting.



on the road.

So i forgot to tell you guys, me and my family are now on a spontanious roadtrip in Europe. Not sure how long we're gonna be travelling but probably over a week or so. Nothing is set, except the fact that we are starting in Germany then the Netherlands and France. Maybe we will stop in some other countries too, we'll see... Haven't been in neither country above so im excited. We are currently staying in a small, yet very cosy town in Germany.




OK so I've been quite bad with this whole blogging-situation latley. I'm not gonna make alot of excuses since it's quite simple, my priorities has been elsewhere. Anyway here are some pictures from some of my "Highlight moments" that has kept me occupied.

Midsummer celebrations, Birthday parties, Typical summernights, Days on the beach, Roadtrip to Halmstad with wine, sushi and the best pasta fruti de mare.