Today I've been out and about in my hometown. I decided to give the local stores a shot and walked away with four new garments in my hands, I'll probably show you tomorrow. And as we speak I just finnished my order from Nelly.com where I ordered one pair of shoes, a necklace and a dress, just lovely! Hopefully the package will arrive before Friday, thats when we celebrate a thing called Midsummer celebration if you translate it into English.


linn and lisa.

I love the scandinavian summer nights. You are able to sit outside and talk without freezing and how it doesn't  get dark until late. The only thing that really bothers me are the annoying mosquitoes. Anyway, so far this week I've been spending my days at the beach, working on my tan and eating typical summer-snacks like icecream and strawberries with my friends. So... Good stuff!


through my camera lens - sydney.

SYDNEY, oh Sydney I miss you. Australia is a wonderful country with great nature and kind people. I was there for almost 7 months and just enjoyed what that country had to offer. I spend the longest time in Sydney wich is a fantastic city. I'm thinking about doing a little Sydney-guide here in my blog, sounds like a good idea? In that case it would be with all my favourites: shops, cafés, restaurants, bars and so on...