Today I've been out and about in my hometown. I decided to give the local stores a shot and walked away with four new garments in my hands, I'll probably show you tomorrow. And as we speak I just finnished my order from Nelly.com where I ordered one pair of shoes, a necklace and a dress, just lovely! Hopefully the package will arrive before Friday, thats when we celebrate a thing called Midsummer celebration if you translate it into English.

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  1. :D thank you very much
    oh yes I live in Sicily , my town is Catania .
    You have to visit it!
    You could also go to Taormina (my favourite) , Agrigento or Palermo if you would like to visit Catania let me know, so we could meet !

  2. ciao, I know the Midsummer celebrations .....also by me in IKEA there are the beautiful girls with flowers crowns on the hair .

    visit my blog and you'll find a stunning giveaway ...of course I'll do back


  3. Nice photo and that giant shoe is killing me. I love it.
    Maybe we can follow each other?

  4. sounds like a great day!